I was just perusing the Economic Times editorial on Bill Gates' address at Harvard's commencement ceremony where he was talking about how market forces need to end inequity. What an irony - on one hand, Harvard dropout addressing the  soon-to-be post-graduates and on the other hand, world's richest talking about world's sharpest inequities.

Gates seems to have championed the "Creative Capitalism" to end inequity. (Well, I must admit that I could not make much sense of the buzz phrase. A little bit of surfing and I found one meaningful definition - Peter Quinn, of Creative Capitalism - an organization committed to the creation, production, and dissemination of art and music -  defines it as the idea of living a creative life within a system that rejects ideas not formulated by market need). As Gates points out, in a world where the power of influence is never in the hands of the poor, there is definitely a need for "Creative Capitalism". 

He brings in a shocking comparison where the number of children who die every year of Rotavirus in India is 300 times the number of people who die in plane crash worldwide. It is sad that billions is spent to make aircrafts safer while abysmal resources invested in discovering an affordable vaccine for Rotavirus.

Click here to watch his speech at Harvard.  

~ Santosh

12/02/2007 06:29

You stole my blog name..heheh!! i demand a compensation...!! anyway time for me to update the link to your blog on mibe -ameya

12/03/2007 06:19

Just a matter of coincidence Ameya :)


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