While many are breaking their heads to find a viable business model centered around internet kiosks, Ahem! - Ahmedabad based company - seems to have gone the Google way by providing free internet services in prime public locations. The company claims that the revenues generated from offline and online advertising is enough to keep it profitable. Click here to read more.

Do we at HiWEL, trying to find an affordable internet solution for schools located in remote locations, take any cues from this? Is there an advertisement based revenue model for rural kiosks? How would a rural consumer react to such advertisements especially from MNCs? More so, would the economies of scale substantiate spending by an advertiser?

I guess I need to figure out answers.


12/02/2007 09:12


Ahem!'s new initiative can't really be compared to HiWELs? From what I could gather Ahem! is putting this computers in bigger cities where internet infrastructure exists. HiWEL exists mostly in places where the infrastructure for internet is not really there.
Ahem! is reaching out the the middle class, HiWEL is reaching out to "poorer" people...
Personally, I think what Ahem! is doing is new but not really '"difficult"... everything is laid out for them... they just need good execution...
HiWEL is in a whole new boat...

My 30 cents! :)

12/02/2007 10:43

I guess I wasn't clear in what I intended to say. Ahem! definitely is not operating in the same space. I was just trying to explore an analogy of providing internet access to schools where operational expenses get covered by advertisements. This was a strategy that we had thought of exploring at HiWEL. But just like other strands, even this has been left unexplored.

12/06/2007 01:09

Santosh... the point is how would you bring about this connection...
On one hand you have MNC's who would look at rural kiosks as literally 0% market for them...
And the rural consumer would not be able to connect to the MNC..
Can it be possible to link and facilitate something productive between these two unlike poles?
Yes I guess you need to find answers.. and if you do succeed, nothing like it!

03/27/2011 19:24

life is in reality only a dream


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