In last couple of days whenever you switch on the TV you would invariably find a programme on HIV/AIDS in some format - documentary, movies, talk shows, ads, celebrity talks (Watch one at YouTube).  Well, while applauding the commendable effort of the media in creating awareness, I wonder whether such messages in any way reach the ones who are most vulnerable to the epidemic.

On one hand I do agree that even a significant proportion of the educated mass who watch channels such as BBC, Nat Geo, and Discovery , not only lack the requisite knowledge of the disease, but also are quite insensitive to the victimized section. A recent report which concluded  that only 6% of medical students in a country knew of HIV/AIDS is one such  testimonial to the extent of awareness and sensitivity amongst the elitist educated mass.

For those interested here are some recently published numbers from UN -
- People living with HIV: 33.2 million
- New HIV infections in 2007: 2.5 million
- Deaths due to AIDS in 2007: 2.1 million
- Over 6800 new HIV infections a day in 2007
 (Read more stats at UNAIDS)

BTW, in case you were wondering about the blog title, you could get an answer here.

~ Santosh

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