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The recent cricket frenzy shows how hysterical India, especially media and urban India, has become when talking on the issues of racism and color prejudice. While I'm least bothered about the fairness of criticism and diversity in the condemnation, I'm particularly worried about how hypocritical we have become while taking moral grounds on issues of discrimination either based on color, race, religion or caste. Why is that the numerous recent hair-raising incidents of caste-based violence come to public notice and disappear like a blip on the screen , and not get the same media space and degree of intellectual engagement like that for Sydney Cricket test?

How many of us have engaged in a reasonable introspection and debate on the following recent issues of systematic violence towards castes from lower in the social hierarchy by those above them?
- Lynching of alleged thieves in Bihar
Killing of a Pardhi couple and the burning of entire community of 300 Pardhi's in Madhya Pradesh
- Disrobing of a woman and her children in public on a falsely alleged theft in Kerala
- Battering to death of a young man suspected of being a cow-lifter in Punjab

Why is that we, both media and intellectual urban India, not introspect  on these incidents of violence that have primarily stemmed from a shared feeling amongst the higher castes to relegate nomadic and de-notified sections? Are we being at sanctimonious worst by refusing to talk about these issues on the same length as that demanded by cricket controversies?
~ Santosh



01/22/2008 03:06

Mr. Santy, I cant believe you are not being pessimistic for the second time round!
You are quite right.
Media plays a very important and influencing role on the society.
Undue importance to cricket should be cut down and issues like this should not only be given attention but evolve strategies to avoid them in future.

01/31/2008 03:16

Whats happening.. why hasn't the blog been updated for a long time..
My vocabulary quotient is decreasing!!!
Please update at the earliest!!!

03/10/2008 21:55

The question of an Indian being accused of racism by Austalia - a country with a well-documented history of discrimination is an Indian national issue. It is only natural that when a national sportsmen is accused of something like that the whole country and its cricket establishment would respond in an uproar. It is separate from all those article that you googled to say that indians must first take care of racism among themselves. Honestly,I really don't get the point of your post. What we all must realize is that the easiest way to remove any prejudices that we might have against each other can be better handled if we first fight the external aggressors in unison. Now what is wrong with that?

03/12/2008 00:46


While you make a point that the nation uniting to criticize on such issues is needed, I fail to respect the hypocritical nature of us in dealing with our own internal prejudices.

03/25/2008 10:29


Why no updates on the website? Is it the March Effect ? :)

03/25/2008 10:52

Hi Rajesh

Yeah, no updates since about a month now as I'm just getting to terms with the life post marriage :)

Will start blogging within next couple of days :)


10/30/2008 00:00

All the best in your new job

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